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  • ID:4-4875097 2018-2019学年上海市行知中学高三上学期第一次月考英语试题


    Section A Leaving childhood and heading into adulthood is a physical and emotional process for teenagers. Growing up is difficult in terms of health as well. As a teenager, you need to understand ___21___ is going on with your body, how to handle those changes, and how to start taking responsibility for your own health. Puberty(or adolescence)is a mysterious word. Upon pronunciation, it almost sounds embarrassed. But it is really nothing to be shy ___22___. After all, everyone goes through it. A young person may begin development at 8 years of age, while another may not show signs of development until fourteen or fifteen. Generally, girls tend ___23___(enter)puberty two years ahead of boys. For both sexes, puberty is usually complete by age eighteen. It is during these years ___24___ your voices deepen, pimples(粉刺)grow and many other physical changes happen.Your emotions also lose balance as you ride the wave of adolescence. For one, it ___25___ have something to do with your hormones; whereas for ___26___ it may come from your changing relationships with people ___27___(involve),or your ongoing pressure from peers. Puberty is important for all boys and girls, which may greatly influence personalities, particularly for girls. Research findings show that the adolescent girls ___28___(undergo)a significant drop in sell-confidence may feel ___29___(insecure)about their own judgment and emotions. Yet, they are usually reluctant to tell their parents and teachers about their feelings. Therefore, adolescent girls should be encouraged to discuss things with trusted adults to cope with such natural developmental difficulties ___30___ they meet with in their personal and school life. Good advice at the right time can lead to positive and productive results. Section B A. boom B. consuming C. change D. lightly E. disposable F. socially G. launched H. potential I. dreams J. poverty K. consciously Yawns are young and wealthy but normal. They are men and women in their 30s and 40s who have become multimillionaires and billionaires during the wealth ___31___ of the past decade. Yet rather than spending their money on Yachts, boats and jets, they drive hybrid cars, if they drive at all, shop at local stores, if they shop at all and pay off their credit cards every month, if they use them at all. They may have ___32___ income, but whatever they make, they live below their means, in a conscious effort to tread ___33___ on the earth. Yawns refer to an increasing number of rich young Britons ___34___ aware, concerned about the environment and given less to ___35___ than to giving money to charity. 2 Yawns sound dull, but they are the new movers and shakers their ___36___ big and bold. They want nothing less than to ___37___ the world and save the planet. Take Sean Blagsvedt, who moved from Seattle to India in 2004 to help build the local office of Microsoft Research. Moved by young children begging on the streets, Blagsvedt quit Microsoft and ___38___two networking sites, babajob.com and babalife.com. to link India’s vast pool of ___39___ workers with the people who need labor. The larger goal—to reduce ___40___. Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension Section A No woman can be too rich or too thin. This saying often attributed to the late Duchess of Windsor indicates much of the odd spirit of our times. Being thin is ___41___ such a virtue. The problem with such a view is that some people actually attempt to live by it. I myself have dreams of slipping into narrow designer clothes. ___42___, I have been on a diet for the better-or worse-part of my life. Being rich wouldn't be bad either, but that won't happen unless an unknown relative dies suddenly in some distant land, ___43___ me millions of dollars. Where did we go off the track? When did eating butter become a sin, and a little bit of extra flesh unappealing, if not repellent? All religions have certain days when people refrain from eating and excessive eating is one of Christianity's seven deadly sins. ___44___, until quite recently, most people had a problem getting enough to eat. In some religious groups, wealth was a ___45___ of high morals, and fatness a sign of wealth and well-being. Today the ___46___ is true. We have ___47___ to thinness as our new mark of virtue. The result is that being fat –or even only somewhat overweight-is bad because it implies a ___48___ of moral strength. Our obsession with thinness is also ___49___ by health concerns. It is true that in this country we have more ___50___ people than ever before, and that, in many cases, being overweight correlates with an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease. These ___51___, however, may have as much to do with our way of life and our high-fat diets as with excess weight. And the associated risk of cancer in the digestive system may be more of a dietary problem--too much fat and a lack of fiber--than a weight problem. The real ___52___, then, is not what we weight too much, but that we neither exercise enough nor eat well. ___53___ is necessary for strong bones and both heart and lung health. A balanced diet without a lot of fat can also help the body avoid many diseases. We should surely stop paying so much attention to ___54___. Simply being thin is not enough. It is actually hazardous if those who get (or already are) thin think they are automatically healthy and thus ___55___ paying attention to their overall life-style. Thinness can be pure vain glory. 41. A. regarded B. treated C. considered D. thought 42. A. Consequently B. Unfortunately C. Unlikely D. Frequently 43. A. earning B. leaving C. making D. keeping 44. A. Therefore B. Furthermore C. Moreover D. However 45. A. symptom B. signal C. symbol D. sample 46. A. phenomenon B. opposite C. purpose D. priority 47. A. shifted B. enhanced C. oppressed D. liberated 48. A. sense B. style C. mass D. lack 3 49. A. overcome B. negotiated C. fueled D. launched 50. A. abnormal B. ordinary C. overweight D. underweight 51. A. disasters B. diseases C. extremes D. devices 52. A. resolution B. concern C. guidance D. approach 53. A. Diet B. Exercise C. Nutrition D. Energy 54. A. height B. length C. strength D. weight 55. A. free from B. worthy of C. accessible to D. contrary to Section B (A) How we look and how we appear to others probably worries us more when we are in our teens or early twenties than at any other time in our life. Few of us are content to accept ourselves as we are, and few are brave enough to ignore the trends of fashion. Most fashion magazines or TV advertisements try to persuade us that we should dress in a certain way or behave in a certain manner. If we do, they tell us we will be able to meet new people with confidence and deal with every situation confidently and without embarrassment. Changing fashion, of course, does not apply just to dress. A barber today does not cut a boy’s hair in the same way as he used to, and girls do not make up in the same way as their mothers and grandmothers did. The advertisers show us the latest fashionable styles and we arc constantly under pressure to follow the fashion in case our friends think we arc odd or dull. What causes fashions to change? Sometimes convenience or practical necessity or just the fancy of an influential person can establish a fashion. Take hats for example. In cold climates, early buildings were cold inside, so people wore hats indoors as well as outside. The late President Kennedy caused a depression in the American hat industry by not wearing hats: more American men followed his example. There is also a cyclical pattern in fashion. In the 1920s in Europe andAmerica, short skirts became fashionable. After World War Ⅱ, they dropped to ankle length. Then they got shorter and shorter and the miniskirt was in fashion. After a few more years, skirts became longer again. Today, society is much freer and easier than it used to be. It is no longer necessary to dress like everyone else. Within reason, you can dress as you tike or do your hair the way you like instead of the way you should because it is the fashion. The popularity of jeans and the "untidy" look seems to be a reaction against the increasingly expensive fashion of the top fashion houses. At the same time, appearance is still important in certain circumstances and then we must choose our clothes carefully. It would be foolish to go to an interview for a job in a law firm wearing jeans and a sweater; and it would be discourteous to visit some distinguished scholar looking as if we were going to the beach or a night clubs. However, you need never feel depressed if you don’t look like the latest fashion photo. Look around you and you’ll see that no one else does either! 56. Fashion magazines and TV advertisement seem to link fashion to _____. A. confidence in life B. social relationship C. success in career D. personal future 4 57. Present-day society is much freer and easier because it emphasizes _____. A. practicality B. efficiency C. informality D. individuality 58. The popularity of jeans and untidy look is possibly due to that they ______. A. highlight one’s personality B. are suitable for various social situations C. have the advantages of being convenient and practical D. are not as expensive as clothing produced by top fashion houses 59. What does the author most probably do with the latest fashion? A. The author may be brave enough to ignore the latest fashion. B. The author may follow the latest fashion most faithfully. C. The author may take jeans and untidy look as the latest fashion. D. The author may find the latest fashion increasingly expensive. 60. From the passage we can conclude that“Learning English Video Project!”is most probably ____. A. an online language learning course B. audio documents on language learning C. a series of short video programs D. a set of films on English-speaking countries 61. If someone is interested in the comparison between English and other languages, be might be interested to watch _____. A. Encounters in the UK B. Stories from Morocco C. Thoughts from Brazil D. Insights from China 62. What can we know about English learning in Sao Paulo, Brazil? A. Classroom teaching is more interactive and communicative. B. Homestay arrangement provides positive experience for learners. C. The Internet and games plays a major role in language learning. D. The principle of learning by doing is widely accepted by learners. (C) Google must be the most ambitious company in the world. Its stated goal, "to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful," deliberately omits the word "web" to indicate that the company is reaching for absolutely all information everywhere and in every form. From books to health records and videos, from your friendships to your click patterns and physical location, Google wants to know. To some people this sounds uplifting, with promises of free access to knowledge and help in managing our daily lives. To others, it is somewhat like another Big Brother, no less frightening than its totalitarian(极权主义的)ancestors for being in the private information. Randall Stross, a journalist at the New York Times, does a good job of analyzing this unbounded ambition in his book "Planet Google". One chapter is about the huge data centers that Google is building with a view to storing all that information, another about the sets of rules at the heart of its web search and advertising technology, another about its approach to information bound in books, its vision for geographical information and so forth. He is at his best when explaining how Google’s mission casually but fatally smashes into long-existing institutions such as, say, copyright law or privacy norms. 5 And yet, it’s puzzling that he mostly omits the most fascinating component of Google, its people. Google is what it is because of its two founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who see themselves as kindly elites and embody the limitless optimism about science, technology and human nature that is native to Silicon Valley. The world is perfectible, and they are the ones who will do much of the perfecting, provided you let them. Brin and Page set out to create a company and an entire culture in their image. From the start, they professed that they would innovate as much in managing—rewarding, feeding, motivating, entertaining and even transporting (via Wi-Fi-enabled free shuttle buses) their employees—as they do in internet technology. In reality Google’s are as prone to power struggle and office politics as anyone else. None of that makes it into Mr. Stross’ account, which at times reads like a diligent summary of news articles. At those moments, "Planet Google" takes a risk similar to trying to board a speeding train: the Google story changes so fast that no book can stay up to date for long. Even so, a sober description of this moment in Google’s quest is welcome. Especially since Google fully expects, as its chief executive, Eric Schmidt, says at the end of the book, to take 300 years completing it. 63. By describing Google as a Big Brother, people think that Google ____. A. is a pioneer in IT industry B. is an invader of privacy C. breaks its promise of free access D. overestimates its own influence 64. According to Randall Stross, Google’s influence on copyright law or privacy norm is _____. A. temporary B. unprecedented C. long-lasting D. unintentional 65. What do we know about the Google employees in essence? A. They compete against each other in the office. B. They are hard-working and talented. C. They appreciate the managing techniques. D. They feel encouraged by the company’s benefits. 66. What does the author imply by saying“Planet Google”takes a risk similar to trying to board a speeding train? A. Planet Google will be in danger if it stays up to date for long. B. Planet Google have to take 300 years to catch the speeding train. C. The board of Google welcomes Randall Stross to cover Google story. D. A written book can only cover a little part of the on-going technology. Section C I have heard that fluoride(氟化物)can help stop dental decay, but I recently read that it is poisonous. Which of these is true? How can children use fluoride safely? This question is answered 6 thanks to Dr Marcia M. Rich who practices general dentistry in Newholt. She is also a lecturer at the University and a writer for the monthly magazine Your Dentist Cares. My answer to the first question is to stress that fluoride works well and is safe when users follow instructions. Young children have a tendency to swallow toothpaste. ___67___ If this simple measure is taken, parents can be confident that children will be protected against tooth decay, and come to no harm. Almost all medicines have a negative effect-or even be deadly-if they are not taken as directed. ___68___ It is for this reason that fluoride supplements can only be obtained on prescription from a doctor or dentist. Taking too much fluoride while teeth are growing can lead to a condition called dental fluorosis (氟中毒). The most likely cause is the swallowing of fluoride toothpastes by young children. ___69___ For example, when fluoride is already present in drinking water, the overconsumption of it can seldom be avoided. But don’t be too worried, since fluoride overdoses are rare. In fact, I have never heard of any fatal incidents related to fluoride poisoning. Scientific studies have shown that fluoride can help to prevent cavities(牙洞)as long as it is used correctly. But it is also true that if fluoride is abused, there is a risk of illness or even death in extreme cases. ___70___ A person who has swallowed a large amount of fluoride will probably start vomiting. If not, the patient should be given milk or antacid and taken to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment. Ⅳ. Summary Writing Some say it is evident that computers can damage a person’s eyesight. Since the popularity of computers began to skyrocket, there have been questions associated with computer screens and eye strain. There are plenty of symptoms that often show up as a result of eye strain from computer screens. It may first start with a little soreness. Then, it may progress to dry eyes, blurred vision and even headaches. However, the extent to which computer screens damage eyesight is somewhat unclear. Taking a 10 to 15 minutes’break every hour while working is a good way to help avoid this and rest your eyes, though your employer may not be as generous with your break periods. If possible, break up computer tasks and non-computer tasks throughout the day as much as possible. One of the major improvements in computer screens has also helped. Still, even an LCD screen, if it is not adjusted properly or if it is too bright, can be just as hard on the eyes. This is very important as many people tend to keep their LCD screens too bright, simply because they are not viewing them from a proper angle and may be trying to compensate for the “screen door” effect. Fortunately, most of the eye damage, if it is to be called that, resulting from the use of computer screens tends to be a temporary situation. Once the eyes are rested long enough, the symptoms tend to quickly go away. However, if the eyes are not sufficiently rested, the symptoms may return quicker than they appeared at first once computer activities resume. Ⅴ. Translation 72. 住在这个小区的优势之一就是能免费使用这里所有的运动设施。(access) 73. 与会代表各抒己见,就环保问题展开了热烈的讨论。(present) 7 74. 很多边远学校没有图书馆,导致一些孩子没有读过课本以外的任何书籍。(available) 75. 许多高三学生每天如此专注刷题以至于没有时间反思自己在作业中所犯的错误。(So) Ⅵ. Guided Writing 简要描述图片内容:结合生活实际,就图片的主题谈谈自己的感想。 8 Keys 21. what 22. about 23. to enter 24. that 25. may 26. another 27. involved 28. undergoing 29. more insecure 30. as 31. A 32. E 33. D 34. F 35. B 36. I 37. C 38. G 39. H 40. J 41-45 CABDC 46-50 BADCC 51-55 BBBDA 56. A 57. A 58. D 59. A 60.C 61. B 62. D 63. B 64. D 65 .A 66. D 67. E 68. C 69. A 70. D 72. One advantage of living in this housing estate is to have access to all the sporting equipments here for free. 73. The representatives present at the meeting had a heated discussion about the problems of protecting environment. 74. Libraries are not available to many schools in the remote areas so that some children have never read any books except the textbooks. 75. So absorbed in doing exercises are the senior three high schools students that they have no time to reflect on the mistakes made in their homework. 9

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    控江中学 2018-2019 学年高二第一学期 英语试卷 Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. People think children should play sports. Sports are fun, and playing with others. However, playing sports can have(1)______effects on children. It may produce feelings of poor self-respect or aggressive behavior in some children. According to research on kids and sports, 40,000,000 kids play sports in the US. Of these, 18,000,000 say they have been(2)_______at or called names while playing sports. This leaves many children with a bad(3)______of sports. They think sports are just too aggressive. Many researchers believe adults, especially parents and coaches, are the main(4)______of too much aggression ill children's sports. They believe children(5)______aggressive adult behavior. This behavior is then further strengthened through both positive and negative feedback. Parents and coaches are powerful teachers because children usually look up to them. Often these adults behave aggressively themselves, sending children the message that(6)______is everything. Many parents go to children's sporting events and shout(7)______ at other players or cheer when their child behaves(8)______. As well, children arc even taught that hurting other players is(9)______ or are pushed to continue playing even when they are injured(10)______, the media makes violence seem exciting. Children watch adult sports games and see violent behavior replayed over and over on television. As a society, we really need to(11)______this problem and do something about it. Parents and coaches(12)______ should act as better examples for children. They also need to teach children better(13)______. They should not just cheer when children win or act aggressively. They should teach children to(14)______, themselves whether they win or not. Besides, children should not be 2 allowed to continue to play when they are injured. If adults allow children to play when injured, this gives the message that(15)______ is not as important as winning. 1. A. restrictive B. negative C. active D. instructive 2. A. knocked B. glanced C. smiled D. shouted 3. A. impression B. concept C. taste D. expectation 4. A. resource B. cause C. course D. consequence 5. A. question B. understand C. copy D. neglect 6. A. winning B. practicing C. fun D. sport 7. A. praises B. orders C. remarks D. insults 8. A. proudly B. ambitiously C. aggressively D. bravely 9. A. acceptable B. impolite C. possible D. accessible 10. A. By contrast B. In addition C. As a result D.After all 11. A. look up to B. face up to C. make up for D. come up with 12. A. in particular B. in all C. in return D. in advance 13. A. techniques B. means C. values D. directions 14. A. respect B. relax C. forgive D. enjoy 15. A. body B. fame C. health D. spirit Part Two II. Grammar(11%) Section A Directions: After reading the passage below , fill in each blank with the proper forms of the given words to make the passage coherent and grammatically correct. Sports shoes that work out (16) their owner has enough exercise to warrant time in front of the television have been devised in the UK. The shoes — named Square Eyes — contain an electronic pressure sensor and a tiny computer chip to record how many steps the wearer has taken in a day. A wireless transmitter passes the information to a receiver (17) (connect) to a television, and this decides how much evening viewing time the wearer deserves, based on the day’s efforts. The design was inspired by a desire to fight (18) the rapidly ballooning waistlines among British teenagers, says Gillian Swan, (19) developed Square Eyes as a final year design project at Brunel University to London, UK. “We looked at current issues and childhood 3 overweight really stood out,” she says. “And I wanted to tackle that with my design.” (20) a child has used up their daily allowance gained through exercise, the television automatically (21) (switch) off. And further time in front of the TV (22) only be earned through more steps. Swan calculated how exercise should translate to television time using the recommended daily amounts of (23) . Health experts suggest that a child take 12,000 steps each day and watch no more than two hours of television. So, every 100 steps recorded by the Square Eyes shoes (24) (equal) precisely one minute of TV time. Existing pedometers(计步器)normally clip onto a belt or slip into a pocket and keep count of steps by measuring sudden movement. Swan says these can be easily tricked (25) recording steps through shaking. But her shoe has been built to be (26) (hard) for lazy teenagers to cheat. “It is possible, but it would be a lot of effort,” she says. “That was one of my main design considerations.” Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. organizations B. physically C. adapted D. motivated E. potential F. issued G. individuals H. critical I. participants J. typically K. involved Youth sport has the (27) to accomplish three important objectives in children’s development. First, sport programs can provide youth with opportunities to be (28) active, which can lead to improved physical health. Second, youth sport programs have long been considered important to youth’s psychosocial development, providing opportunities to learn important life skills such as cooperation, discipline, leadership, and self-control. Third, youth sport programs are (29) for the learning of motor skills(运动技能); these motor skills serve as a foundation for future national sport stars and recreational adult sport (30) . When coachers develop activities for youth practices and when sport (31) design youth-sport programs, they must consider the implication of deliberate play and deliberate practice. Research from Telama (2006) states that regular participation in deliberate play or deliberate practice activities during childhood and youth (ages nine to eighteen) increases the likelihood of participation in sports during adulthood by six times for both males and females. C?té (2002) defines deliberate play activities in sport as those designed to maximize enjoyment. These activities are 4 regulated by flexible rules (32) from standardized sport rules and are set up by the children or by an involved adult. Children (33) change rules to find a point where their game is similar to the actual sport but still allows for play at their level. For example, children may change soccer and basketball rules to suit their needs and environment (e.g. in the street. on a playing field or in someone’s backyard). When (34) in deliberate play activities, children are less concerned with the outcome of their outcome of their behavior (whether they win or lose) than with the behavior (having fun). On the other hand, Ericsson (1993) suggests that the most effective learning occurs through involvement in highly structured activities defined as deliberate practice. Deliberate practice activities require effort, produce no immediate rewards, and are (35) by the goal of improving performance rather than the goal of enjoyment. When individuals are involved in deliberate play, they experiment with different combinations of behaviors, but not necessarily in the most effective way to improve performance. In contrast, when (36) are involved in deliberate practice, they exhibit behavior. focused on improving performance by the most effective means available. For example, the backhand skill in tennis could be learned and improved over time by playing matches or by creating fun practice situations. However, players could more effectively improve their backhand performance by practicing drills that might be considered less enjoyable. Although the drills used in most effective means available practice might not be the most enjoyable, they might be the most relevant to improving performance. Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) The 2012 London Olympics had enough problems to worry about. But one more has just been added-a communications blackout caused by solar storms. After a period of calm within the Sun, scientists have detected the signs of a fresh cycle of sunspots that could peak in 2012, just in time for the arrival of the Olympic torch in London. Now scientists believe that this peak could result in vast solar explosions that could throw 5 billions of tons of charged matter towards the Earth, causing strong solar storms that could jam the telecommunications satellites and Internet links sending five Olympic broadcast from London. "The Sun's activity has a strong influence on the Earth. The Olympics could be in the middle of the next solar maximum which could affect the functions of communications satellites," said Professor Richard Harrison, head of space physics at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire. At the peak of the cycle, violent outbursts called coronal mass ejections (日冕物质抛射) occur in the Sun's atmosphere, throwing out great quantities of electrically-charged matter."A coronal mass ejection can carry a billion tons of solar material into space at over a million kilometers per hour. Such events can expose astronauts to a deadly amount, can disable satellites, cause power failures on Earth and disturb communications," Professor Harrison added. The risk is greatest during a solar maximum when there is the greatest number of sunspots. Next week in America, NASA is scheduled to launch a satellite for monitoring solar activity called the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which will take images of the Sun that are 10 times clearer than the most advanced televisions available. The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory helped to make the high-tech cameras that will capture images of the solar flares (太阳耀斑) and explosions as they occur. Professor Richard Hold away, the lab's director, said that the SDO should be able to provide early warning of a solar flare or explosion big enough to affect satellite communications on Earth "If we have advance warning, we'll be able to reduce the damage. What you don't want is things switching off for a week with no idea of what's caused the problem," he said. 37. The phrase "communications blackout" in Paragraph 1 most probably refers to________ during the 2012 Olympics. A. the extinguishing of the Olympic torch B. the collapse of broadcasting systems C. the transportation breakdown in London D. the destruction of weather satellites 38. What can be inferred about the solar activity described in the passage? 6 A. The most fatal matter from the coronal falls onto Earth. B. The solar storm peak occurs in the middle of each cycle. C. It takes several seconds for the charged matter to reach Earth. D. The number of sunspots declines after coronal mass ejections. 39. According to the passage, NASA will launch a satellite to________. A. take images of the solar system B. provide early warning of thunderstorms C. keep track of solar activities D. improve the communications on Earth 40. Which of the following might be the best title of the passage? A. Solar Storms: An Invisible Killer B. Solar Storms: Earth Environment in Danger C. Solar Storms: Threatenting the Human Race D. Solar Storms: Human Activities to Be Troubled (B) Elixir written by Eric Walters Twelve-year-old Roth becomes a friend of Dr. Banting and his assistant, Mr. Best,who are in search of a cure for diabetes (糖尿病). She finds herself torn between her sympathy for the animals being experimented on and her friendship with Banting and Best. George Washington Carver written by Elizabeth Macleod Meet the "Peanut specialist", George Washington Carver, the inventor and professor who made over 325 products out of peanuts. Through his agricultural research, he also greatly improved the lives of countless black farmers in the southern Unite States. See also MacLeod's Albert Einstein: A life of Genius. The Inuit Thought of it: Amazing Arctic Innovation written by Alootook Ipellie and David MacDonald. Explore more than 40 ideas necessary to Inuit survival. From ideas familiar to us today to inventive concepts that shaped their lives, celebrate the creativity of a remarkably intelligent people. Also see other books: the Chinese thought of it by Tingxing Ye and A Native American Thought of it by Rocky Landon and David MacDonald. Made in Canada:101 Amazing Achievements written by Bev Spencer What things do we use daily that have a Canadian connection? Here Are 101 common things that were invented in Canada or by a Canadian, including the Blackberry, alkaline (碱) batteries the Blue Box recycling program. Newton and the Time Machine written by Michael McGowan Ten-year-old boy Newton has invented a time machine to see Dinosaurs up close. But it disappears on a test run with his two huge friends, King Herbert and Queen Gertrude, in it! Can he save them before time runs out? 41. Which of the following best describes Roth's feeling in Book 1? A. Frightened. B. Curious. C. Painful. D. Disappointed. 42. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Book 3 introduces 40 inventive concepts. B. Animals are mentioned in Book 1 and Book 5. C. Alkaline batteries were invented by Dr. Banting. D. George Washington Carver was a black farmer in the US. 43. In Book 5, King Herbert and Queen Gertrude are _____. A. Newton's human friends B. the names of the time machine C. the inventions of the time machine D. two dinosaurs 8 44. If you are interested in native Americans, you may read the book by _____. A. Elizabeth Macleod B. Eric Walters C. Rocky London & David MacDonald D. Bev Spencer (C) Look to many of history’s cultural symbols, and there you’ll find an ancestor of Frosty, the snowman in the movie Frozen. It appeared on some of the first postcards, starred in some of the earliest silent movies, and was the subject of a couple of the earliest photos, dating all the way back to the 1800s. I discovered even more about one of humanity’s earliest forms of life art during several years of research around the world. For example, snowmen were a phenomenon in the Middle Ages, built with great skill and thought. At a time of limited means of expression, snow was like free art supplies dropped from the sky. It was a popular activity for couples to leisurely walk through town to view the temporary works of chilly art. Some were created by famous artists, including a 19-year-old Michelangelo, who in 1494 was appointed by the ruler of Florence, Italy, to build a snowman in his mansion’s courtyard. The Miracle of 1511 took place during six freezing works called the Winter of Death. The city of Brussels was covered in snowmen -- an impressive scene that told stories on every street corner. Some were political in nature, criticizing the church and government. Some were a reflection of people’s imagination. For the people of Brussels, this was a defining moment of defining freedom. At least until spring arrived, by which time they were dealing with damaging floods. If you fear the heyday of the snowman has passed, don’t worry: I’ve learned that some explosive snowman history is still being made today. Every year since 1818, the people of Zurich, Switzerland, celebrate the beginning of spring by blowing up a snowman. On the third Monday of April, the holiday Sechselauten is kicked off when a cotton snowman called the Boogg is stuffed with explosive and paraded through town by bakers and other tradesmen who throw bread to the crowds. The parade ends with the Boogg being placed on a 40-foot pile of firewood. After the bells of the Church of St. Peter have rung six times, representing the passing of winter, the pile is lit. When the snowman explodes, winter is considered officially over -- the quicker it is burnt down, the longer summer is said to be. 45. According to the passage, why did snowmen become a phenomenon in the Middle Ages? A. People thought of snow as holy art supplies. 9 B. People longed to see masterpieces of snow. C. Building snowmen was a way for people to express themselves. D. Building snowmen helped people develop their skill and thought. 46. “The heyday of the snowman” (paragraph 4) means the time when______. A. snowmen were made mainly by artists B. snowmen enjoyed great popularity C. snowmen were politically criticized D. snowmen caused damaging floods 47. In Zurich, the blowing up of the Boogg symbolizes_______. A. the start of the parade B. the coming of a longer summer C. the passing of the winter D. the success of tradesmen 48. What can be concluded about snowmen from the passage? A. They were appreciated in history B. They have lost their value C. They were related to movies D. They vary in shape and size V. Translation(15%) 49.去年以来,这种商品的价格保持不变。(remain) 50. 她在论文中不仅提到了这个现象,并且做出了深入分析。(refer, in addition) 10 51. 尽管父亲告诉她拳击是男性运动,她还是在 11 岁时开始拳击训练。(despite) 52. 地铁的建造是为了满足周边居民的需求,到达那些原本无法抵达的地方。(response) 53. 如果你不确定是否当众示爱是禁忌,你可以请教当地人,以免不知不觉地侮辱和冒犯到 他们。(unsure) 11 参考答案: 1-5 BDABC 6-10 ADCAB 11-15 BACDC 16.whether 17.connected 18.against 19.who 20.Once 21.switches 22.can 23.both 24.equals 25.into 26.harder 27-36 EBHIA CJKDG 37-48 BDACB CBDC CBBA 49. The price of this commodity has remained unchanged since last year 50. Not only did she refer to this phenomenon in her paper, but she made in-depth analysis in addition 51. She started training boxing at the age of 11, despite the fact that her father told her that boxing was a male sport. 52. The subway was built to make a response to the needs of surrounding residents and to reach those places where they couldn’t reach before. 53. If you are unsure of whether showing affection in public is a taboo, you can ask local people to help you avoid insulting and offending them unconsciously. 12

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  • ID:4-2106831 上海市青浦区2016届高三上学期期末质量调研英语试题


    Section A Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. (A) 250 Drive-Thru(汽车穿梭)Customers Pay It Forward at McDonald’s In Florida, one McDonald’s customer started a pay-it-forward chain that inspired other 249 customers to be generous and do the same. ABC News reports that (25)__________ spirit of giving is in the air as 250 drive-thru customers at a local McDonald’s paid for the meals of the people next to them. A Lakeland customer, Torie Keene (26)__________ (pay) for her food on Wednesday morn ================================================ 压缩包内容: 上海市青浦区2016届高三上学期期末质量调研英语试题(含答案).doc

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  • ID:4-1975282 牛津上海版高二英语nit 1 Suffering to be beautiful 语法学案

    高中英语/牛津上海版/高二下册//Unit 1 Suffering to be beautiful/非试题资源

    Grammar 英语最基本的语序是主语在前,谓语动词在后。但有时由于句子结构的需要或表示强调,就要采用倒装形式。将谓语动词完全移到主语之前称为完全倒装,只将助动词或情态动词放到主语之前称为部分倒装。强调性倒装和以so, neither, nor开头的句子是高考例题的热点。 (1)倒装句的意义 1、适应一定的语法结构的需要,主要是指疑问句句型结构的需要。 e.g. May I come in? Was the People’s Liberation Army founded in 1927? 2、为了强调某一部分,而把这部分放到句首,构成倒装。 e.g. Never have I been late for school this term. So early did he come to school that no other students came. (2)倒装的使用情况 1、在 "there be" 结构里,there是引导词,主语在be后。 e.g. There is a box on the table. 2、在疑问句中。 e.g. Is she singing in the classroom? What does your mother do? ================================================ 压缩包内容: 牛津上海版高二英语必修3 unit 1Sporting Events 语法学案.doc



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    高中英语/牛津上海版/高二上册/Module 1 After-school Activities/Unit 2 Continuous Learning

    Can you make out any of these Chinese characters? Oracle Bone Inscriptions Bronze Inscriptions Lesser Seal Characters Do the Chinese characters remain the same for thousands of years? ================================================ 压缩包内容: 牛津上海版高二英语上册三模块二单元project课件(42张ppt).ppt

  • ID:4-1975274 牛津上海版S2A 高二英语上册Unit 1 Sporting events my favorite sport reading》课件(32张ppt)

    高中英语/牛津上海版/高二上册/Module 1 After-school Activities/Unit 1 Sporting Events

    keep your word 1.迫不及待做 2. 坦率的说 3. 全优 4. 度假之地 5. 拾起,捡起 6. (入住)登记 7. 往返班车 1.can not wait to do

  • ID:4-1975273 牛津上海版英语必修1 uints 1-3单元词汇句型复习课件(60张)


    A Review of U1-U3 well-liked; well-received; well-connected dress (vt) oneself in sth She dressed herself and the children in their best clothes. ? sb be dressed in sth 新娘穿一身白色的礼服 The bride was dressed in white. dress vi Do they expect us to dress for dinner?

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  • ID:4-1970132 牛津上海版英语 必修1 Unit 5 Surprises at the studio Entertainment reading 学习辅导讲义

    高中英语/牛津上海版/高一上册//Unit 5 Surprises at the studio/非试题资源

    高一英语,牛津上海版,必修1,S1A U4 Surprises at the Studio 学习辅导讲义, 1. 核心词汇 surprise n. 意外事件;突然袭击;惊奇,诧异 例如: I have a surprise for you! 我要告诉你一件你意想不到的事! There are few surprises in your report. 你的报告中没有多少出人意料的事情。 【注意】:adj.令人惊奇的 vt.使惊奇;奇袭 surprised adj. 觉得惊奇的;感到意外的 surprising adj. 令人惊奇的;出人意料的



  • ID:4-1968524 牛津上海版必修1 module 2 Unit 3 A taste of travel reading学习辅导讲义(部分答案)

    高中英语/牛津上海版/高一上册//Unit 3 Places of interest/非试题资源

    include v. 包括;含有(还有介词的词性) 例如: The factory of seventy-three only includes eight women. 全厂73个工人中仅有8个女工。 It is included among the total. 它包含在总数里。 included pp.→adj. (只能放在名词、代词后面) 包括, 例如: The bridge now has 54 aeroplanes, 9 jet planes included. 大队现有54架飞机,包括9架喷气式飞机。 including prep. 包括 例如: Some students, including all Young League members, are sweeping the streets. 一些学生,包括全体共青团员,正在扫大街。 【比较】:include, included和 including: For your package you need to pay 30 yuan which includes the postage and packing. (v.) Thirty yuan, including the postage and packing, is what you need to pay for your package. (prep.) You need to pay 30 yuan. postage and packing included, for your package. (adj.) 你需要为你的包裹支付30元,其中包括邮资和包装材料的费用。 historical adj. 历史的;有关历史的 例如: A historical film is on. 一部历史电影正在放映。 historical characters 历史人物 historical evidence 史料 historical play 历史剧 historical studies 历史研究 【比较】:historic adj.历史上著名的;有历史意义的 例如: The founding of the People’s Republic of China is a historic event in Chinese history. 中华人民共和国的成立是中国历史上具有重大意义的历史事件。 a historic spot 古迹 a historic year 具有历史意义的一年 preserve v. 保存;保藏;保护 例如:

  • ID:4-1968518 牛津上海版英语 必修1 Unit 2 care for hair reading学习辅导学案讲义

    高中英语/牛津上海版/高一上册//Unit 2 Care for your hair/非试题资源

    suit vt. 适合;中……的意 例如: It is very difficult to choose a film that suits all of us. 很难找到一部对大家都适合的影片。 That bag really suits him. 他背那个包正合适。 句型:suit sb. (fine) 很合某人的意;对某人很合适 例如: —Is the square OK? —That suits me fine. 广场上行吗? 行,这对我很合适。 辨析:suit 和fit suit 通常指衣服或物品的式样、颜色、款式等适合某人 例如: This type clothes suits you. 这款衣服适合你穿。 fit 指这样东西的大小尺寸合适 例如: A pair of 39 size shoes fits her. 39 的鞋子适合她。 同根词suitable adj. 合适的;适合的;适宜的 例如: be suitable for… Is John suitable for this post? 约翰适合这个岗位吗? be suitable to do… These clothes are not suitable to wear on formal occasions.