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  • ID:4-4109252 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit 7 The Sea(课件试题)(打包12套)北师大版必修3

    高中英语/北师大版/高一下册/模块3 Unit 7 The Sea

    冲浪运动以海浪为动力,冲浪者利用自身的高超技巧和平衡能力搏击海浪。这项运动惊险刺激,令人神往。你知道这项运动是如何发展而来的吗? Surfing Surfing is an amazing sport with an impressive history.The exact origins of surfing are not certain,but it was first observed by Europeans on a ship in Tahiti in the Southern Pacific Ocean in 1767.Research suggests that surfing dates back to the ancient Polynesian cultures that existed long ago.According to many myths,the chief of a tribe was the man who could surf the best.In other words,the top wave rider was the top man in his community.That says a lot about how important surfing was in the lives of the ancients. 一、下面是一篇关于海洋污染的报道,请谈谈你看了这则报道后的感受 据法国《国际信使》周刊报道,在夏威夷海岸与北美洲海岸之间出现了一块由漂浮的垃圾聚集而成的“太平洋大板块”,它由350万吨塑料垃圾聚集而成,面积达343万平方公里,超过了欧洲大陆总面积的1/3。 一、根据句意及首字母提示补全句子,使句子完整正确 1.I’m f       of walking home alone in the dark. 答案:frightened 2.I must a       for not being able to meet you. 答案:apologise 3.I have a       that one of my staff will meet you at the airport. 答案:arranged 4.My mother felt pleased with herself because she had p       my father to give up smoking. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner检测北师大版必修32017120911

  • ID:4-4109248 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit 8 Adventure(课件试题)(打包12套)北师大版必修3

    高中英语/北师大版/高一下册/模块3 Unit 8 Adventure

    Around the world more and more people are taking part in dangerous sports and activities.Of course,many people have looked for adventure—they have climbed the highest mountains,travelled in unknown parts of the world or sailed in small boats across the greatest oceans.Now,however,there are people who hunt for immediate excitement from a dangerous activity,which may only last a few minutes or even seconds. 一、根据释义写出相应的单词 1.       several different   2.       used to emphasize that sth.is correct in every way or in every detail   3.       not interesting or exciting  4.       very great in degree   5.       the state of feeling excited  一、根据句意及首字母提示补全句子,使句子完整正确 1.Justin is writing a book about his a       in Tibet.I hope he can find a good publisher when it is finished. 21*cnjy*com 答案:adventures 2.We’re looking forward to the holidays when we’ll be travelling on camels through the Sahara D     . 答案:Desert 3.The lack of eco-friendly habits among the public is thought to be a m       cause of global climate change. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit8AdventureCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner检测北师大版必修32017120916.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit8AdventureCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner课件北师大版必修320171209160.ppt 2017_2018学年高

  • ID:4-4109246 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit 9 Wheels(课件试题)(打包12套)北师大版必修3

    高中英语/北师大版/高一下册/模块3 Unit 9 Wheels

    在人生的道路上,我们每个人都留下了自己的脚印,不管是清晰的,还是模糊的,那都是我们成长的记录。 We always have many colorful dreams.When confronted with a setback①,most people will feel upset and complain about it.Every time when there is an activity or a competition,I’d like to take part.But the failure makes me frustrated②. 一、你去过外地旅行吗?你是怎么去旅行的呢?请参照下面的问题与你的同学讨论你的旅行经历 1.Who in your group has ever been on an airplane? 2.Has any of you ever been abroad?Where did you go? 3.While you were at a foreign international airport,did you have any difficulty understanding their announcements?If yes,how did you solve that problem? 答案:略 一、根据句意及首字母提示补全句子,使句子完整正确 1.Most probably they’ll post them somewhere so people elsewhere can have the b       of what you have sitting in the classroom. 21*cnjy*com 答案:benefit 2.Will it be c       for you to start work tomorrow? 【出处:21教育名师】 答案:convenient 3.Progress so far has been very good.We are,t       ,confident that the work will be completed on time. 答案:therefore 4.Things might get better,but it doesn’t look very h       right now. 答案:hopeful ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit9WheelsCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner检测北师大版必修320171209111.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit9WheelsCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner课件

  • ID:4-4109240 2017_2018学年高中英语全一册试题(打包22套)北师大版必修3

    高中英语/北师大版/高一下册/模块3 复习

    Warm-up & Lesson 1 The Spirit of Explorers 课后篇巩固探究 一、根据句意及首字母提示补全句子,使句子完整正确 1.I’m f       of walking home alone in the dark. 答案:frightened 2.I must a       for not being able to meet you. 答案:apologise 3.I have a       that one of my staff will meet you at the airport. 答案:arranged 4.My mother felt pleased with herself because she had p       my father to give up smoking. 21*cnjy*com 答案:persuaded 5.The basic causes are u      ,although certain conditions that may lead to cancer have been discovered. 答案:unknown 6.Everyone in the class is expected to p       in the discussion. 答案:participate 7.The school has only been open for six months,so it’s too early to e       its success. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner检测北师大版必修32017120911.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaLesson1TheSpiritofExplorers检测北师大版必修32017120912.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaLesson2ProtectingtheSea检测北师大版必修32017120913.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaLesson3TheSeaWorld检测北师大版必修32017120914.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit7TheSeaLesson4SeaStories检测北师大版必修32017120915.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit8AdventureCommunicationWorkshopandCultureCorner检测北师大版必修32017120916.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit8AdventureLesson

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  • ID:4-4093666 高中英语北师大版高二下册选修模块7 unit20 New Frontiers lesson1 Futurology 课件

    高中英语/北师大版/高二下册/选修模块7 Unit 20 New Frontiers

    In this lesson, we’ll 1. understand the text and get the key information. 2. understand and use some of the topic words. 3. talk about the predictions in the future. Step1. Warm up and lead in futurology,{n} means the scientific study of the future.

  • ID:4-4016892 2017--2018学年高中英语北师大版选修8全一册试题(打包19套)


    Unit 22Environmental Protection Section Ⅰ Warm-up & Lesson 1 Global Warming 课后篇巩固探究 一、写作词汇检测 完成下列小对话或语篇。 1.—What were you majoring in at college —I was majoring in       (生态学). 答案:ecology 2.—Who is the man talking to the farmer —A       (顾问) to help us to plant these vegetables. 答案:consultant 3.—Why did the old man move to the hill —Because he liked to live near the natural       (保护区). 答案:reserve 4.—Why were most of the people leaving the meeting —The speech was not       (有关的)to their life. 答案:relevant 5.—Why was the man worried at the time —Because his son        (威胁) to drop out of the school. 答案:threatened 6.The building caught fire that night and soon the strong wind made the fire      (超出) control.Unfortunately,most of the people were      (困住) in the building.The firefighters arrived in five minutes and one of them       (牺牲)his life to save a little boy.Another firefighter was       (迫使陷于不幸的境地) to live a life using a wheelchair.The big fire         (导致) more than 50 deaths. ================================================ 压缩包内容: 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit22EnvironmentalProtectionSectionⅠ练习北师大版选修820171107125.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit22EnvironmentalProtectionSectionⅡ练习北师大版选修820171107126.doc 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit22EnvironmentalP

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  • ID:4-4016320 2017--2018学年高中英语北师大版选修8 Unit24 Society(课件试题)(打包12套)

    高中英语/北师大版/高二下册/选修模块8 Unit 24 Society

    Worried shopkeepers are increasingly frustrated by people they dub “fit-lifters” who use stores to find the best-fitting shoes before buying them online at a lower price.Bricks-and-mortar shops have higher salary and rental costs than Internet shops,and store owners say some online buyers are grabbing their resources.“You’ve come in and stolen that service basically,” said one shopkeeper.“It’s not that the salespeople didn’t have somebody else to serve who would have bought something.So not only have you stolen the wages.I have a loss of profit that he would have collected from another customer.①”It is common for online shoppers to research products in stores in other retail sectors such as bookselling—a practice named “showrooming”—and smartphones make it possible to buy online even while still in a store②. 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit24Society单元重点小结课件北师大版选修8:28张PPT
    Unit 24Society
    Section Ⅰ Warm-up & Lesson 1 Consumer Society
    1.—Why is he crying now
    —He is crying over his      

  • ID:4-4016318 2017--2018学年高中英语北师大版选修8 Unit22 Environmental Protection(课件试题)(打包12套)

    高中英语/北师大版/高二下册/选修模块8 Unit 22 Environmental Protection

    1.—What were you majoring in at college?
    —I was majoring in       (生态学).
    2.—Who is the man talking to the farmer?
    —A       (顾问) to help us to plant these vegetables. 21cnjy.com
    3.—Why did the old man move to the hill?
    —Because he liked to live near the natural       (保护区).
    4.—Why were most of the people leaving the meeting?21世纪教育网版权所有
    —The speech was not       (有关的)to their life.
    5.—Why was the man worried at the time?
    An animal species becomes extinct when it fails to produce enough young in each generation to keep pace with the death-rate.We can tell from fossil evidence in rocks that many living species have become extinct over the millions of years since life began.It is a natural process and extinction is the fate of any animal that has specialized too far to change when its environment changes,or has to compete with a better-adapted and more powerful animal.Because of remarkable technical developments during the past few centuries,man has destroyed or nearly destroyed some species by killing them at such a rate that they 2017_2018学年高中英语Unit22EnvironmentalProtection单元重点小结课件北师大版选修8:26张PPT

  • ID:4-4015946 2017-2018学年高中英语北师大版选修模块8 Unit 23 Conflict(课件试题)(打包11套)选修8

    高中英语/北师大版/高二下册/选修模块8 Unit 23 Conflict

    【文章导语】 在这个世界上,没有一个父母是不爱自己的孩子的,但是父母和孩子之间也经常会因为很多问题而发生冲突…… For many parents,raising a teenager is like fighting a long war,but years go by without any clear winner.Like a border conflict between neighbouring countries,the parent-teen war is about boundaries:Where is the line between what I control and what you do? Unit 23Conflict Section Ⅰ Warm-up & Lesson 1 Living in a Community 课后篇巩固探究 一、写作词汇检测 完成下列小对话或语篇。 1.—Why was the man caught by the policemen —Because he had        (背叛) his country. 答案:betrayed 2.—What were the girls doing when you saw them —They were busy         (分类) the e-mails. 答案:classifying 3.—What made the girl so sad —Her boyfriend’s        (离开). 答案:departure 4.—Why has the meat gone bad so quickly —Because it has been        (暴露) to the sun for a long time. 答案:exposed 5.—What are the leaders talking about —The         (移民入境). 答案:immigration 6.The soldiers were very brave in the battles.Unfortunately,later someone        (出卖) them.The leader didn’t       (暴露) the soldiers to danger,so he                 (向战士们告别) to have a talk with the enemy.In the end the two sides reached a        (妥协).The leader          (把……交给) two towns to the enemy.And the two sides promised to get rid of

  • ID:4-3988036 【北师大版】2017-2018学年高中英语测控指导:选修6课件(17份,含答案)

    高中英语/北师大版/高二上册/模块6 综合或复习

    生活中充满着困难与艰辛,但也有希望与梦想。当你面对艰辛,生活似乎变成灰色时,你会如何抉择?勇敢面对,乐观地走下去,因为生活总是充满了无限的可能,这就是生活的真谛。 The Story of My Life Yesterday is a memory Another page of history Sell yourself for hopes and dreams That leaves you feeling sideways Tripping1 over my own feet Trying to walk to my own beat Another car out on the street Trying to find the highway 北师大版】2017-2018学年高中英语测控指导:选修6课件(17份,含答案)

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